The Minghella Studio is named after and dedicated to the life and work of Antony Minghella CBE, who lived on the Isle of Wight, studied in Portsmouth and went on to have a 30-year career as a director, producer and actor.

The Minghella is an extraordinary state-of-the art creative space designed to help nurture artistic talent, for both on and off-stage skills. Open to students, community groups, businesses and theatre companies, vocational courses and training will also be available for all ages, from primary school through to adult learning.

The Minghella space is which new talent can hone their skills while world-class actors and directors can also develop and rehearse productions.

“We feel sure Anthony would be proud to have his life and work recognised in such a way. He always took every opportunity to encourage and support others in their learning; a really vibrant Creative Learning Space will make a most fitting living memorial to him and especially in Portsmouth where he himself was educated and spent so much of his youth.” Gioia Minghella