Our primary aim as a Creative Lab is to offer developmental opportunities to a range of diverse artists, helping to build creativity in Portsmouth with New Theatre Royal as the NUCLEUS. Artists associated to the New Theatre Royal create and collaboratively produce with support from NTR. The creative brand of the Lab can be fully developed, bringing pride, aspiration and excellence to the forefront via experimental partnerships. Using our contacts within the cultural industries and the University of Portsmouth will enable NTR to expand a pathway of creativity and a culture of thought, debate, research and practice.

We recognise that a cross art environment and mentorship programme is needed for developmental purposes, to drive creative excellence, spark imaginative thinking and creative practices. The New Theatre Royal offers a mentorship programme to give feedback and guidance and produce quality culture. In return artists mentor a young associate programme and help deliver the theatres creative learning offer, filtering knowledge to the next generation of art professionals and helping to build the next generation creative professionals.

What we offer

  • Skills development: from producing, touring through to fundraising and business planning.
  • Space to explore and experiment with new ideas.
  • Creative learning opportunities and commissions to enhance audience development plans and research strategies.
  • Impact of working with the New Theatre Royal helps to attract Arts Council funding. • Performance platforms to share new work and receive feedback.
  • Networking events with other artists and industry professionals.
  • Broker meetings with academics and other venues to support projects.
  • Marketing support.
  • We are proud of our Creative Lab team and will offer PR assistance.