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About the event

The Musical Theatre Performance Company is very proud to present this stunning new musical work. The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a folk musical with a very specific, yet timeless feel. Brought to you by the same team that produced Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Bare: A Pop Opera in their 2021/22 season.

Set in the fictional Irish town of Spindlewood, The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a musical fairy tale built around themes of prejudice, discrimination, animosity and a fear of the unknown. Like most towns of age, Spindlewood has its traditions. But no practice, custom or old wives’ warning is so firmly adhered to as ‘The Turning of the Key’. Every year, on the last night of winter, as the first day of spring unfolds, the townsfolk gather to take part in a strange ritual. This acclaimed new musical is the first collaboration between writers Michael Webborn and Daniel Finn and was first produced at The Landor Theatre in 2015. The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a quintessential fairy tale, it has a strong moral heart and tackles the subject of how we treat difference.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter was originally produced by Theatrica Limited at the Landor Theatre, London. This production is presented by special arrangement with WebbFinn & Keddie Scott (North).

Approximate running time: 2.5 hours (including 20 minute interval)