About the event

Following on from the success of Hamlet and Macbeth, the highly acclaimed Jewish-lead Icarus Theatre Collective presents a bold and exciting new production of Shakespeare’s most tragic tale – Romeo & Juliet.

Germany, 1933.

In defiance of their entire society and in secrecy from their closest friends, hopeful young lives burn amidst a cataclysmic backdrop of impending war. Sun and moon shine down on star-crossed lovers as a Jewish girl falls for a member of Nazi Youth and the boy questions everything he was taught to believe.

They hide their passion and sexuality from their warring families and their closest friends. Misadventure, family pride, and anti-semetism abort and bury the most joyous of beginnings, the most hopeful of love stories as Romeo and Juliet, driven apart, find their world becoming a constricting, single mausoleum of fate and death.

Swordfighting drawn from the 1930s, German, underground fight clubs.

We have been granted the use of Society Of London Theatre & UK Theatre’s ‘See It Safely’ mark. The mark certifies that we are complying with the latest Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, to ensure the safety of our staff and audiences. You can find out more here