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About the event

Electrolyte is a multi-award-winning piece of gig theatre that powerfully explores mental health for a contemporary audience. Written in spoken word poetry and underscored by original music ranging from ‘blasts of sound to lyrical sweetness’ (★★★★★ The Scotsman), this ‘phenomenal’ (★★★★★ Broadway Baby) production is performed by six multi-instrumentalists who seamlessly integrate live music with expert storytelling.

Electrolyte is the winner of the Mental Health Fringe Award, The Stepladder Award, The LET Award, The Voice Mag Pick of The Fringe Award and the Pleasance Best Newcomer Award 2018.


‘We are a blip. A spec of dust.
To be wiped off the face of time
like you might a bike chain’s rust.
But to each of us,
we are everything’

Jessie’s sick of Leeds,
A city she thought she would never leave.
But the aimlessness of the people
she once believed she would always need
is suffocating.

Wondering whether she’s had enough,
in a dirty nightclub not too far off,
Jessie’s blinded by the light of Allie Touch
a singer/songwriter with a taste for big ambition,
amongst some other stuff.

Feeling rough in the five in the morning half light,
Jessie’s sight is fixed on the path that Allie writes,
And like a moth to a flame in the night
she ignites.


Electrolyte is presented as part of Portsmouth Festivities




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