Meet Still No Idea artists Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence, as they head to Portsmouth with a very personal story.

Q. How did Still No Idea come about?

A. We really wanted to make a show of our own after making lots of other shows with other theatre companies. But nobody had ever really asked us for our ideas before, so, we decided to ask the public for their help. We thought that their ideas would be a starting point, but it became clear very quickly that it was what they weren’t saying that was more interesting to us and so we decided to make the show out of that!

Q. Why do you think the show has become essential viewing?

A. We think that it’s a light and funny take on some pretty tough issues. It’s an entertaining and brisk jaunt through some really interesting viewpoints that you might not have thought of otherwise, so that’s quite essential!

Q What next for you both?

A. Our next show is all about housing and how living in the city is becoming really hard for one of us. How can we turn the housing crisis around in one fell theatrical swoop? We reckon some jokes, a song and lots of help from our neighbours should do it…..!

Still No Idea comes to the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth Wednesday 9 October 2019. Click here for more information and to book tickets.

At the New Theatre Royal, the performance will be presented in a relaxed environment, aiming to create a space for everyone, especially people who would benefit from a more informal experience