We talk to director Suzy Willson and composer Paul Clark about their work with Clod Ensemble, and adventurous audiences.

Q: How did the Clod Ensemble begin?

A: We have been making performance as Clod Ensemble for over twenty years.  A review of our first show in 1995 described us as ‘resisting categorisation’. Although we didn’t deliberately set out to do that, we still seem to. Our work is visceral, highly visual and always a meeting place of music and movement. We are interested in what can be said without words, in group dynamics and exploring the knots and patterns that people get themselves into and out of.

Q: How important is it that we celebrate storytelling in new and exciting forms, and encourage adventurous audiences?

A: Stories can be told in many ways, be it through words, through movement, through music… What is important is that the stories are compelling and that they get people thinking, questioning and going on a journey with us. We’ve always believed that you don’t need to rely on words to communicate powerfully – audiences are interested in new experiences and performance that pushes boundaries.

Q: What has been your wildest performance moment to date?

A: Perhaps the most high-adrenalin moment was with Red Ladies, which sees 18 identically dressed women take over entire cities. In London, when they arrived at Trafalgar Square, we arranged for a helicopter to fly past in sync with a live brass band and then set off the fountains in the square, as the helicopter disappeared over the rooftops.

Clod Ensemble’s ‘On The High Road’ comes to our stage on Wednesday 15 & Thursday 16 May 2019 as part of New Theatre Royal’s FLUX Festival of Dance and Visual Theatre. Tickets available at our Box Office on 023 9264 9000 and online. Click here to find out more.