We’re now in week two in the Peter Pan rehearsal room. We caught up with Samuel Bailey, who plays Peter, to find out how he’s getting on.

Hi Sam, thanks for joining us on your lunchbreak! How are you feeling about the show?

I’m so excited! Being a Christmas show rather than a pantomime, we’re really able to explore J.M. Barrie’s actual story, and showcase those fascinating characters. I’m enjoying delving into the depths of Peter’s character, finding all his complexities alongside those more familiar aspects. The whole company has clicked as a team and we’re having fun. Too much fun sometimes!

Speaking of fun, how are you getting on with the flying?

It’s so much fun! Hurts a bit though… I’ve flown before but I’ve not sung and flown at the same time, so I really appreciate the opportunities we’re getting to prepare for that. It’s very different hitting those high notes when you’re not grounded in any sense! The New Theatre Royal looks amazing from up there, and I’m looking forward to seeing it lit up for the show.

How are you finding living in Portsmouth?

I love being in Portsmouth, it’s a great place. There’s so much here. Although I am terrible at ice skating so I might give that a miss, I don’t want to literally break a leg!

How are you feeling about starting the run?

I’m looking forward to getting the show up in front of an audience. I’m feeling confident and ready to face Captain Hook! I’ve got some fantastic songs. All the music in the piece really fits with the story and are great choices.

Do you remember watching Christmas shows as a child?

The first one I went to was probably in Southend. I remember watching Aladdin and Cinderella. I love that the whole family can get involved and enjoy the show together, which is certainly going to happen with this production.

Lastly Sam, what do you want Father Christmas to bring you?

Ohh… A private aeroplane would be great, I’m getting used to this flying business!


You can see Sam as the boy who never grows up from 13 – 31 December 2018 at New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. Click here to find out more.


Written by Nicola Pollard / Assistant Director