Q. What appealed to you about the script of ‘Hormonal Housewives’ when you first read it?

A. The title!  I thought, this is different, I haven’t done anything like this before – this has got to be fun!  The script is hilarious and it was immediately appealing to be involved in a show which has laugh-out-loud moments.  It’ll obviously appeal to women whether or not they’re in a relationship and, crucially, to women of all ages.  And I think it’ll appeal to men as well; men want to know what makes us tick hormonally…if they don’t understand that one week out of the month we’re a bit cranky, then they might learn something and try and understand that it’s not them…well, not entirely!

Q. Tell us about your character

A. VICKI MICHELLE: She is loosely based on me – I would hate to say everything’s true to life in case I get into trouble with my husband – haha!  Julie’s done an amazing job of basing each character on each of us as much as possible.  For instance my character and I both love a glass of fizz, we adore talking to our female friends and obviously a glass of wine or fizz makes the experience even more enjoyable!  I also share some experiences with my character in terms of family so it’s lovely to be able to bring some of myself to the stage.

Q. Who’s your audience and what reactions are you expecting?

A. Probably mostly female, but it’ll be great to have some guys in the audience too.  I think it’ll appeal to single women as much as women in relationships; out of the three characters, two are married and the third is single – and we have a lot of fun in the show trying to get her back onto the dating scene!  I already know some men friends who have promised to come to the show; they’re really looking forward to it.  When women get together they have such fun so the men can be included in the fun and find out what we all talk about when they’re not there!

Q. Do you have a favourite scene?

A. The waxing scene is going to be hysterical!  Julie and I try and encourage Josephine to get back on the dating scene; she’s newly divorced and a bit hesitant.  There’s a whole discussion about how much excess hair to wax – I don’t want to give too much away but I get to play the ‘waxer’!

Q. What are the key issues addressed in the show?

A. Lots of things – marriage, emotions, relationships, families, guilt complexes, hormones for all ages!  And eating habits – you know how you reach for the chocolate when you feel tired or your energy is low…well there’s a lot of that.

Q. And finally what are you most looking forward to about going on tour?

A. It’s so great to be in a script that you know is funny and that the audience is going to love.  There’s nothing better than laughter to cure everything – so hopefully we’re going to laugh onstage, the audience are going to have a laugh and we’ll still be laughing when we have a glass of wine together after the show!  I’m also looking forward to performing in a lot of places I’ve been before – I’ve got lots of friends all over the country and although it’s a tight schedule we’re going to fit in seeing friends too.  I’m also really looking forward to working with lovely Julie and Josephine.


See Vicki Michelle in ‘Hormonal Housewives’ on Friday 12th April 2019 at New theatre Royal, Portsmouth. Click here for more information and to book tickets.