When it comes to entertainment, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. From a good old fashioned knees-up to educational talks, we know there are many ways to enjoy a great night out which is one of the reasons we offer such a broad range of events at New Theatre Royal.

We recently caught up with Neil Oliver, who will be sharing ‘The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places’ on 17 November, about why history continues to fascinate him and why it makes for such a popular show. Talking about his love of history, Neil said:

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t excited about history. We are descendants of the past – somehow our ancestors managed to survive it all, making the people who eventually made us. I find it thrilling to think I’m connected to people who saw the end of the last Ice Age, the coming of farming, the arrival of Romans, all of it.”

There is certainly a lot to admire in the historical city of Portsmouth and as the show takes in the country’s coastline and travels from North to South, New Theatre Royal’s connections with the past and the coast make it the perfect venue for this fascinating talk. Like Neil’s captivating TV programmes, this entertaining and informative show will have you looking at your surroundings in a new way and cherishing the history we all share.

Entertainment means something different to everyone, that’s why our line up this year includes an eclectic mix of comedians, magicians and dance troops as well as a cabaret show that’s set to be a Portsmouth institution –
Knees Up! at the Blue Lagoon at the Hilsea Lido.

We’ve been working with Pompey entertainer The Fabulous Josh to put on a light-hearted cabaret show just like the TV classics of the seventies and eighties, with a lot of music, colour, a few saucy laughs and the very best from Portsmouth entertainers who, according to Josh, “just wanna show off and have a good time.”

Cabaret is a flexible art form that can deliver surprises to the audience and welcome a broad range of people to the show. For those looking for a memorable live experience, this is the sort of show you could take your Mum or partner to, or head to alone and make new friends while you’re there. It’s a great way to get out, enjoy live performances and soak up the atmosphere.

Celebrating everything that’s camp and kitsch in the wonderful venue of the Blue Lagoon, the show is described as being like Saturday night television used to be… but on a Friday! With three dates set for October, November and December, this unique show will take you back to the golden days of cabaret with madcap comedy, colourful sets from a wide range of performers and a chance to sit back, have a laugh with your basket meal and enjoy the entertainment.

For more information on our upcoming shows this autumn, click here.