We are excited to be working in partnership with the University of Portsmouth, with our brand new building becoming a home to UoP’s academic team and creative students, as well as NTR’s staff and Creative Lab Associates.

But we don’t just share a building! The unique partnership means that all students studying performance, film, television an broadcasting, musical theatre and media get full access to studying , working, performing and creating exciting new work in a thriving producing theatre in the heart of the city. Students have the opportunity to engage in all departments and in-house productions, as well as having access to industry level equipment and expertise.

Creative collaborations between NTR staff and UoP’s academic team allow for the work of both organisations to be centred on learning and development, mentoring students and supporting them in their progression to a career in the arts.

Our Creative Exchange Scheme will create a centre for excellence within the Minghella Studio; providing an ideal environment for students, staff and professionals in the industry to work and learn together. Exchanges between UoP and other Universities, as well as between students and professionals in the industry will allow for master classes, collaborative projects and co-produced productions and events.