New Theatre Royal is facing the biggest challenge in it’s 160 year history.

Situated in the heart of Portsmouth, New Theatre Royal is the cultural champion of the UK’s only island city and a registered charity. It encourages creativity and curiosity and plays a vital role in the community.

New Theatre Royal is a historic gem that plays a vital role in our city; it’s loss is unimaginable. We are going to need theatres more than ever as we recover from COVID-19 to inspire and reconnect us and we must act now to keep the doors of New Theatre Royal open for everyone.

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth

We need your help. 

Closing our doors due to COVID-19 has had a devastating impact; we rely on ticket sales for the majority of our income. Whilst we have been working tirelessly to ensure the survival of New Theatre Royal, without immediate urgent funding, our future is under threat.

We believe that we are going to need theatres more than ever before to bring us back together as we recover from COVID-19. We are passionate about our community and inspiring our audiences through live performance and participation and really want to be here for you.

Your donation will help to:

  • Secure the existence of New Theatre Royal and the delivery of uplifting and joyous live performances for everyone
  • Retain as many of our experienced and passionate staff members as possible
  • Maintain our stunning historic building which stands in the heart of the city
  • Create and progress a thriving future for New Theatre Royal

If you’re missing great nights out at our comedy or music gigs, have enjoyed ballet and theatre performances or perhaps plan to bring your family to the Pantomime when doors can be safely reopened once again, please help.

With your support, New Theatre Royal will remain in the heart of Portsmouth for many more years to come.

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