To empower and facilitate creative talent.

Creating a diverse programme that is an innovative laboratory driving creativity forward locally and nationally, which will include an associate artist programme.


Working with and developing a diverse range of artists the New Theatre Royal will offer the opportunity to explore culture and support innovative ideas, helping to build a quality cultural identity for the city of Portsmouth.

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Our primary aim as a Creative Lab is to offer developmental opportunities to a range of diverse artists, helping to build creativity in Portsmouth with New Theatre Royal as the nucleus.

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Evolution Programme

evolutionThe Evolution programme gives rise to development. The artists within this field are challenging practices and finding new ways of working, helping further their career paths.




Cultivate Programme

cultivateThe Cultivate programme allows established artists to explore new directions. Looking to the furthest point of their known practice, they examine their established skills and come together with other artists to produce new work.



Supercluster Programme

superclusterThe Supercluster programme supports established artists taking their art-forms to a larger stage. This group of artists and companies individually strive to challenge audiences.