Dr Joanna Jayne Bucknall is a practice-based scholar whose research interests include immersive performance practices, live art, practice-as-research, performance documentation and cognitive approaches to reception theory.

Dr Bucknall has been making theatre, live art, performance art and durational works since 2004 and is concerned with exploring, making and understanding work that includes its audiences in fundamental ways. Dr Bucknall is Artistic Director of Vertical Exchange Performance Collective and co-artistic director of KeepHouse Performance. Over the past decade she has collaborated with The Barbican in Plymouth, Camden People’s Theatre, The Basement in Brighton, Performing Arts Centre Lincoln, DIY, Fierce and Battersea Arts Centre.

KeepHouse Performance is a PaR company that seek to interrogate autobiography and heritage; particularly in relation to female representation and domesticity, exploring contemporary issues through interdisciplinary approaches.

Vertical Exchange, (VEX) was founded by Joanna Bucknall & Nigel Tuttle in 2005. Aiming to explore the contemporary experience and all the intricate moments that our lives present, it is committed to exercising difficult questions through art in provocative ways, pushing the boundaries of performance both aesthetically and culturally. The works seek to explode the liminal space and engage its participants in liminoid acts.

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Twitter: @Immersiveperf 


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